Under the 405 engine

Under the 405 engine
پرداخت در محل ویژه تهران
ضمانت بازگشت وجه تا 72 ساعت
ضمانت اصل بودن کالا
ارسال رایگان بالای 500 هزار تومان

ROM under engine 405
The following ROM is a radiator manufactured by a company (ISACO) for the Perso 405. This piece can be one of the essentials. The real task of the ROM under the engine is to have a radiator

The car is located in the front part of the radiator in front of the engine and car bumper. The material of the ROM under the radiator is such that it is possible for you to have power and allow you not to see it.

This piece to allow the car radiator to offer. Ram under the radiator from both sides to the front body of the car and the chassis

Vehicles are connected and the communication and coherence can be two to the front of the car. Ram under the radiator by keeping the car radiator in place for this guest and function

Under the 405 engine

گارانتی و خدمات : ضمانت اصالت کالا و تضمین سلامت کالا
برند : ایساکو
مناسب برای : پژو 405 _ SLX _ پرشیا
جهت : وسط
محل نصب : زیر موتور
کشور سازنده : ایران
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