Rear Rear Shield Raw
Rear Rear Shield Raw

Rear Rear Shield Raw
پرداخت در محل ویژه تهران
ضمانت بازگشت وجه تا 72 ساعت
ضمانت اصل بودن کالا
ارسال رایگان بالای 500 هزار تومان
The bumper is said to be part of a car or vehicle that has the task of protecting the car against some blows in accidents, and of course, the car's bumper has, in addition to the primary task, been able to carry on other tasks that are in the design of this The pieces of these tasks fall into the next priorities ...
In the design of the Rio bumper, in addition to creating the necessary strength to be aerobic, or the same aerodynamics, it also becomes noticeable, the rear bumper must be very sturdy and of course light and well absorb, repel or deflect blows.
The vision and strategy of using the Rio Black Rear Shield are the tricks for adding the beauty of the car to the consumer.
Rear bumper is the most important part of the vehicle when it comes to pedestrian crashes. For this reason, new builders, using the new mechanisms in the design and construction of shields, have a significant role in reducing blows Inflicted on pedestrians.
Row Rear Shield acts as an interfacing between the body of the car and the impacts of the importer, and partly reduces the amount of pressure it enters. The car bumper has been placed in the category of decorative parts and car safety.
The Rio Rear Rim Shield is the core of the company. The Rhino Rear Shield is supplied in accordance with national standards for consumer satisfaction
Spare parts for Saipa Tailor with the best quality and warranty with the most suitable price including motor parts, body parts including shields, engine doors, doors, lights, etc., including front shock absorbers and front parts and ... including the rear bumper shaft with The right price in the first store is to be supplied to you by consumers. For more information on buying a Rio Rear Shield and receiving technical advice regarding other products, please contact us.

Rear Rear Shield Raw

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