Peugeot 405 silver rear bumper

Status: Available
Brand: مهرکام
Peugeot 405 silver rear bumper
Rear Peugeot 405 color shield
Peugeot 405 colored rear bumper in all colors of silver, pencil, black, green, taxi, blue metallic, gray metal, with a warranty of 6 months to 1 year old color.
, The shield is packed in such a way that upon completion of the process, the fabric cover is pulled on the shield and then packed with a rubberized bumper bag

Technical Specs Peugeot 405 silver rear bumper

جنس : پلاستیک
مناسب برای : پژو 405
محل نصب : عقب
کشور سازنده : ایران
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