Rules and regulations

All goods and services of this store, as the case may be, have the necessary permissions from the relevant authorities, and the activities of this site are subject to the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran. 1- The site is free. 2. It is the responsibility of the user to maintain the password and we are not responsible for the negligence of the users and the potential misuse resulting therefrom. 3. The responsibility for the accuracy of the information entered on the site by users is the responsibility of the individuals themselves and the site is not responsible for this. The site is solely responsible for the information provided by the website itself. 4. All content posted on the site is public and all users have the right to view and use them. But obviously, the site has the right to remove content that is registered by users and their insertion contrary to the rules of the Islamic Republic of Iran. 5. The site is not liable for a specific bid for purchasers for a particular offer, and in this case the payment will be returned to their account within a maximum of 3 days. 6. The first sign and contents of the toy are owned by the site and any use thereof without the written permission of the site is a judicial offensive.   Send us your comments and suggestions in the contact us Thanks for managing the first store of the tow
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